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J.R. Nyquist

J.R. or Jeffrey Nyquist is an expert in international warfare and the geopolitical dynamics of America's interactions with Russia and China. A prolific writer, Nyquist has been a columnist for Financial Sense Online, Epoch Times, SierraTimes, Newsmax and WorldNetDaily.com. He has also authored several books, including "Origins of the Fourth World War" and "The Fool and His Enemy." Learn more at JRNyquist.blog.

Steve Quayle

Steve Quayle is a renowned researcher, photographer, publisher, filmmaker and radio talk show host who has dedicated his life to raising awareness about the dangers of bioterrorism and weapons of mass destruction. Quayle has written over a dozen books, including "Breathe No Evil" and "Weather Wars & Un-Natural Disasters." Quayle has also produced several films and documentaries through his film production company “GenSix Productions.” Learn more at SteveQuayle.com.

James Yeager

James Yeager is a renowned firearms expert and self-defense instructor who has trained over 50,000 people all across America and other countries. He is the founder of Tactical Response, an organization that offers comprehensive courses on firearms training and safety, self-defense, tactical deployment and more. Yeager has also uploaded countless instructional videos on Brighteon.com and LiberTV.com. Learn more at TacticalResponse.com.

Paul Cottrell

Dr. Paul Cottrell is a financial analyst and a researcher with expertise in chaos theory and financial markets. Dr. Cottrell earned his Ph.D specializing in finance from Walden University. He also received his M.B.A. and B.S. from Wayne State University, as well as two Engineering course certificates from MIT. Cottrell has written several books, including "Market Armor" and "Chaos Theory and the Economic Emergence." Learn more at Patreon.com/paulcottrell.

Shiva Ayyadurai

Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, Ph.D., the inventor of email and creator of EchoMail, is a world-renowned systems biologist, entrepreneur and inventor. Dr. Ayyadurai received four degrees from MIT and is a Fulbright Scholar and Lemelson-MIT Awards Finalist. He founded CytoSolve, Inc. in 2011 and is currently the company's Chairman and CEO. Through CytoSolve, Inc. Dr. Ayyadurai has made great contributions in the field of Systems Biology. Learn more at https://vashiva.com/.

Dave Hodges

Dave Hodges is the host of The Common Sense Show, which features videos and podcasts on a wide range of important topics that are relevant to promoting individual and national sovereignty. Hodges is also a trained researcher and an indy media investigator who has connections to trustworthy sources within the Pentagon and the US State Dept. Learn more at https://thecommonsenseshow.com/.

Judy Mikovits

Dr. Judy Mikovits, Ph.D., is a molecular biologist, biochemist and virology researcher who was recently featured in the film "Plandemic." Dr. Mikovits has published over 50 peer-reviewed articles in some of the world’s top medical journals and she has dedicated her life to raising awareness about the dangers of vaccines. Dr. Mikovits is also the author of the bestselling book, "Plague of Corruption." Learn more at https://drjudyamikovits.com/

Jennifer Zeng

Jennifer Zeng is a human rights advocate who has dedicated her life to fighting for human freedom and dignity, as well as exposing the dangers of communism. Zeng is the author of the book, "Witnessing History: One woman's fight for freedom and Falun Gong," which is a personal account of her experiences in a labor camp. Zeng has recently been uploading informative videos on her Brighteon.com channel, "Inconvenient Truths." Learn more at https://www.jenniferzengblog.com/

Andreas Kalcker

Andreas Kalcker is a biophysical researcher, alternative medicine advocate and one of the world's leading experts on chlorine dioxide. Kalcker has spent years researching international patents that deal with the beneficial therapeutic effects of chlorine dioxide. Kalcker has also written several books, including "CDS - Health is Possible" and "Prohibited Health." Learn more at https://andreaskalcker.com/en/

Len Saputo

Dr. Len Saputo, M.D. graduated from Duke University Medical School and is board certified in Internal Medicine. Over the years, Saputo has helped develop the holistic, preventive style of medical practice known as "Health Medicine," which focuses on finding the cause of illnesses instead of treating the symptoms. Saputo regularly uploads informative videos on his Brighteon.com channel, Health Medicine. Learn more at https://www.doctorsaputo.com/.

Pete Santilli

Pete Santilli is an independent media journalist, news analyst, commentator and radio talk show host. Santilli describes himself as an "outspoken voice for the disenfranchised" and is committed to reporting the truth on even the most controversial topics. He runs The Pete Santilli Show, one of the more popular channels on Brighteon.com. Learn more at https://dlive.tv/PeteSantilli/.

Zach Vorhies 

Zach Vorhies is best known for being the Big Tech whistleblower who exposed the truth about Google's censorship when he previously worked for the company as a Senior Software Engineer. Vorhies discovered that Google was using a type of artificial intelligence (A.I.) called "Machine Learning Fairness" to separate and censor what Google deemed were "fake news" stories. Vorhies continues to fight against Google's suppression of the freedom of speech. Learn more at https://www.zachvorhies.com/

Richard Mack

Sheriff Richard Mack is a political activist, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), an organization which encourages members to refuse federals laws that may be considered unconstitutional. Mack has written several books dealing with law enforcement and gun ownership, including "The County Sheriff: America's Last Hope" and "The Proper Role of Law Enforcement." Learn more at http://CSPOA.org/.

Maryam Henein

Maryam Henein is an investigative journalist, health expert, eco-entrepreneur, activist and founder of HoneyColony Inc., an online magazine and marketplace that advocates for adopting healthy lifestyles. Henein is also a passionate filmmaker who has produced informative documentaries, most notably "Vanishing of the Bees." Henein continues to raise awareness about important topics, such as sustainable bee-keeping and reducing the use of pesticides. Learn more at https://maryamhenein.com/.

Laura Loomer

Laura Loomer is a Jewish Conservative investigative journalist known for her political activism and Guerrilla style journalism. Loomer previously worked with Project Veritas, doing uncover work in the Hilary Clinton campaign in 2016 and exposing voter fraud and corruption. A champion of free speech, Loomer has been heavily censored by Big Tech and Left-wing media. Learn more at https://lauraloomerforcongress.com/.

Kerri Rivera

Kerri Rivera is a homeopathic doctor who is considered one of the pioneers of the therapeutic use of chlorine dioxide for autism recovery. She helped develop what is known as the "Autism Protocol," which uses chlorine dioxide to treat autism and other chronic conditions. Rivera is also the founder of the non-profit autism clinic, Autism02. She is the author of the book "Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism." Learn more at https://www.kerririvera.com/.

John Rubino

John Rubino is a former Wall Street financial analyst who currently writes for Fidelity Magazine and CFA Magazine and manages DollarCollapse.com. Rubino earned his MBA in Finance from New York University. Rubino has written several books, including "The Coming Collapse of the Dollar" and "How to Profit From the Coming Real Estate Bust." A previous featured columnist for TheStreet.com, Rubino's other writing contributions include Consumers Digest, Online Investor, Individual Investor, and more.  Learn more at https://www.dollarcollapse.com/.

Celeste Solum

Celeste Solum is a former FEMA camp administrator who exposed the medical tyranny of FEMA and was one of Steve Quayle's insider sources. Solum has extensive experience in emergency management, environmental medicine, prepping strategies, flood and earthquake operations, and other operations. Solum has also written several books, including "Electromagnetic Radiation Protection" and "Dark Winter - Navigating The Global Biological Warfare." Learn more at https://shepherdsheart.life/.

Millennial Mikey 

Millennial Mikey is a concerned millennial who wants to be a source of positive change in a world that is bent on inhibiting everyone's personal freedoms. He regularly uploads videos on his Brighteon Channel, MillennialMikey, where he offers a millennial's perspective on important issues and current events. He is also the author of "The True World Order." Learn more at https://millennialmikey.com/.

NC Scout

NC Scout runs Brushbeater, an organization which offers a wide variety of training courses designed to teach civilians how to plan off-grid radio communications using common everyday equipment. An expert in survival and military skills, Scout is a former US Army Infantry scout who has had plenty of experience with reconnaissance and radio communications. Scout also writes for AmericanPartisan.org. Learn more at https://brushbeater.org/.

Stefan Molyneux

Stefan Molyneux is the host and founder of Freedomain, one of the world's largest and most popular philosophy shows. Molyneux has written several books, including "Real-Time Relationships," "Essential Philosophy" and "The Art of the Argument." He is very active on his Brighteon channel, Stefan Molyneux, where he regularly uploads videos on philosophy and other topics. Learn more at https://www.freedomain.com/.

Mark Grenon

Mark Grenon describes himself as the archbishop of the Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. His church promotes the use of Master Mineral Solution (MMS), a chlorine dioxide mixture, for its healing and therapeutic benefits. Grenon recently spoke out against government tyranny when he and his sons were arrested for distributing MMS and exercising their religious beliefs. Learn more at https://www.genesis2chile.cl/.

Terrence Popp

Terrence Popp is a US Army veteran who provides direct and critical analyses of current events through his website, Redonkulas.com. He has written several books, including "The Warrior's Way and the Soldier's Soul" and "The Killer of Killers." Popp also regularly uploads videos on his Brighteon channel, Redonkulas.com Productions. Learn more at https://www.redonkulas.com/.

Kevin Shipp

Kevin Shipp is a former CIA officer, intelligence and counter terrorism expert, who is best known for exposing the American government's corruption and abuse of secrecy. Shipp is the author of the best-selling book, "From the Company of Shadows," which details what he calls "The Shadow Government" and its attempts to control the elected US government from behind the scenes. Learn more at https://kevinshipp.com/.

Del Bigtree

Del Bigtree is a film producer, public speaker and host of the internet talk show, The HighWire, where he discusses health freedom and other topics. A prominent voice of the Vaccine Risk Awareness Movement, Bigtree is the creator of the documentary, "VAXXED: From Cover Up to Catastrophe." Bigtree is also the chief executive of the non-profit, Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) which can be found at ICANdecide.org. Learn more at https://thehighwire.com/.

Dave Janda

Dr. David Janda, M.D. is the host of The Operation Freedom Radio Show and the director and founder of the Institute for Preventative Sports Medicine. With his extensive experience as a clinical orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Janda is the author of several books, including "The Awakening of a Surgeon" and "The Power of Prevention," which talk about his expertise in sports-related injuries and his thoughts on creating a more affordable health care system. Learn more at https://davejanda.com/.

Fred Markert

Fred Markert is a global strategist and widely acclaimed expert in the rise and fall of human civilizations. Markert has extensively studied world history, global geopolitics and international relations. He is currently trying to raise awareness about the warning signs of the potential collapse of Western civilization. In February 2020, Markert partnered with KC Craichy to form the Isaac Newton Project, which provides a wealth of free information on a variety of topics. Learn more at https://theisaacnewtonproject.com/.

Christin Bentley

Christin Bentley is the co-founder and director of the Texas Freedom Coalition, a grassroots organization which fights for every Texan's personal liberty and economic, medical, educational, religious and spiritual freedom. Bentley seeks to lobby for local government leaders to fight for relevant issues, such as parental rights, privacy rights and health freedom. Learn more at http://texasfreedomcoalition.com/.

Andrew Wakefield

Dr. Andrew Wakefield M.B. B.S., is an academic gastroenterologist and physician who is best known for his contributions to the anti-vaccine movement. In 1998, Dr. Wakefield authored a research paper that suggested a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. Dr. Wakefield also directed the film documentary, “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” and is the author of the book, “Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines.” Learn more at https://vaxxedthemovie.com/.

John Moore

John Moore is a highly skilled individual who uses his extensive military experience to help others be safe from terrorism. A decorated Vietnam veteran, Moore has worked as a private investigator, homicide detective, intelligence analyst, trainer and has flown 57 combat missions. Moore also hosts his own radio talk show, “The John Moore Show” and is the author of the book "Feel Safe Anywhere: You Can Be Your Own Bodyguard." Learn more at http://thelibertyman.com/.

Jose Prado

Jose Prado is the CEO and founder of Man Made Survival, a website dedicated to teaching families how to prepare for worst case scenarios so that they can live safer, better lives. An avid outdoorsman, Prado has had over 7 years of experience in prepping and survival. He is the author of the book, “Prepper’s Secret Cache.” Learn more at https://www.manmadesurvival.com/.

Scott Kesterson

Scott Kesterson is an Emmy Award-winning photojournalist and Peabody nominee who has done numerous stories, video stories and radio programs based on his experience in Afghanistan. A former member of the National Guard Brigade, Kesterson worked with special operations groups and developed his skills in narrative warfare. Kesterson is also a man of faith and seeks to spread a message of hope and optimism and restore liberty in America. Learn more at http://www.bards.fm/.

Michael Snyder

Michael Snyder is a nationally-syndicated writer, speaker, media personality, political activist and the founder of The Economic Collapse Blog. A frequent guest star on many American radio and television shows, Snyder seeks to speak the truth and bring renewal to America. He has written several books, including "Lost Prophecies of the Future of America" and "The Rapture Verdict." Snyder also writes articles for TheMostImportantNews.com and EndOfTheAmericanDream.com. Learn more at http://themostimportantnews.com/.

K.C. Craichy

K.C. Craichy is the CEO and founder of Living Fuel, a company that offers high-quality, nutritious superfood meals and other products. Throughout his research, Craichy discovered seven key areas that were vital for maintaining optimal health: hydration, nutrition, exercise, stress, sleep, environmental hazards and meditation and prayer. He used this insight to write best-selling books, including "Super Health - 7 Golden Keys to Unlock Lifelong Vitality." Learn more at https://www.livingfuel.com/.

Mike Bara

Mike Bara is a New York Times Bestselling author, TV personality and lecturer with over 25 years of experience as an engineering consultant and designer. A truly thought-provoking writer, Bara has written several books on the topic of aliens, extraterrestrial architecture and other secrets NASA could be hiding. Bara's books include "Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA" and "Hidden Agenda: NASA and the Secret Space Program." Learn more at https://mikebara.blogspot.com/.

Christian Westbrook

Christian Westbrook is known as the "Ice Age Farmer" and he uses his expertise in farming to teach others how to grow their own personal food supply and achieve self-sufficiency. Westbrook seeks to raise awareness about the potential risks to the modern agriculture and food systems. Westbrook has produced several useful tools and videos on his website to help everyone get started on the path to food security. Learn more at https://www.iceagefarmer.com/

Jesse Romero

Jesse Romero is a retired veteran of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department who now spends his time preaching on a variety of Catholic topics. A prominent voice in Catholic radio, Romero hosts "The Terry and Jesse Show" and "Jesus 911" in English and "Enfamilia Radio" in Spanish. Romero has written several books, including "The Devil in the City of Angels" and "A Catholic Vote for Trump." Learn more at https://jesseromero.com/

Jerome Corsi

Dr. Jerome Corsi, Ph.D. is an influential researcher, investigative journalist, political analyst and New York Times bestselling author dedicated to promoting freedom of speech. He graduated magna cum laude with a B.A. in Political Science and Economics from Case Western Reserve University and has had considerable experience working in banking and finance. Corsi has written over 25 books since 2004, including "Rage, Race and Riots" and "Killing the Deep State." Learn more at https://corsination.com/.

Carrie Madej

Dr. Carrie Madej, D.O. is an osteopathic internal medicine physician, vaccine researcher and health freedom advocate. With nearly 20 years of experience in the medical field, Madej is trained in allopathic and osteopathic hospitals and blends traditional and holistic medicine for optimal health. She works to educate others about the potential risks of vaccines and regularly uploads videos to her LRBY channel. Learn more at https://lbry.tv/@DrCarrieMadej:9.

Sherri Tenpenny

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, D.O. is an osteopathic medical doctor who uses a combination of conventional and holistic therapies to treat her patients. Dr. Tenpenny is a highly qualified expert on a wide range of topics concerning Integrative Medicine. She has written several books, such as the bestseller "Saying No To Vaccines" and has contributed to a number of other books and magazines. Learn more at https://www.drtenpenny.com/.

Christopher Olson

Christopher Olson is the current CEO and president of Treasure Island Coins, Inc., the largest bullion dealer in North Dakota. Olson began working full time at Treasure Island Coins, Inc. after serving in the army, and now has amassed over 20 years of intimate knowledge and experience regarding the bullion industry. An expert in gold and silver, Olson seeks to educate others about precious metals and the US bullion market. Learn more at https://treasureislandcoins.com/.

Matt Bracken

Matt Bracken is a former officer of the U.S. Navy Seals, a highly skilled analyst, tactician, boat builder and an expert in preparedness and survival. A prolific writer and champion of American liberty and free speech, Bracken has authored several books, including "Enemies Foreign and Domestic." Aside from books, Bracken has written multiple essays and short fiction pieces and is a columnist at AmericanPartisan.org. Learn more at http://enemiesforeignanddomestic.com/.

G. Edward Griffin

G. Edward Griffin is a pro-liberty writer, documentary film producer and the founder of Freedom Force International. Griffin is also the creator of Red Pill University, Red-Pill Expos and Rabbit-Hole Expeditions. He has written several books, including "The Creature from Jekyll Island" and "World Without Cancer." Griffin is particularly skilled in researching a wide range of topics and presenting them in a clear manner to his readers. Learn more at https://redpilluniversity.org/.

Jeffrey Prather

Jeffrey Prather is an intelligence analyst, martial arts master, horsemanship and firearms expert, and founder of WarriorSchool, where he trains people in self-defense. Prather previously worked as a DIA intelligence analyst and a DEA investigations officer. He is the author of the books "Initiation" and "Chase Terror on the Boarder." Prather currently hosts the radio talk show, "The Prather Point." Learn more at https://jeffreyprather.com/.


MilSpecOpsMonkey, who also goes by "Monkey" and "MonkeyWerx" is a third-generation military veteran with over 30 years of experience in the aerospace and defense industries. He is known for monitoring military flights in real time to project real world events that might occur. MilSpecOpsMonkey provides insight into military special operations through his blog, podcast and other social media. Learn more at https://www.monkeywerxus.com/.

Scott McKay

Scott McKay, also known as the "Patriot Street Fighter," is a wellness industry entrepreneur and motivational public speaker who hosts a radio show called "The Tipping Point Radio," where he discusses post-election updates and other relevant political topics. McKay was previously a competitive bodybuilder before shifting his career to the political arena. Now, he speaks out to promote truth and liberty. Learn more at https://scottmckay.us/.

Tom Zawistowski

Tom Zawistowski is the president of We The People Convention and the CEO and founder of TRZ Communications. Other notable positions he has held include president of the Ohio Liberty Coalition and executive director of the Portage County TEA Party. He currently hosts a weekly radio podcast called "We the People News & Opinion" where he seeks to defend the Constitution and fight for free and fair elections. Learn more at https://wethepeopleconvention.org/.

Ty Bollinger

Ty Bollinger is a natural health activist, researcher, speaker, best-selling author, film producer and health freedom advocate. He and his wife, Charlene Bollinger, run the websites TheTruthAboutVaccines.com and TheTruthAboutCancer.com. Bollinger's advocacy stems from his personal experience of losing several close family members to cancer. Bollinger currently hosts a biweekly internet news program called "Global Health News." Learn more at https://thetruthaboutvaccines.com/ and https://thetruthaboutcancer.com/.

Bobby Piton

Bobby Piton is a financial analyst, mathematician and market expert who runs an investment firm called PreActive Investments, LLC. He is also an Investment Advisor Representative of Total Clarity Wealth Management. Using his expertise, Piton has been able to create a statistical analysis of the recent election and the probability of voter fraud. Piton now seeks a proper vote audit to ensure a fair, honest and constitutional election. Learn more at https://www.preactiveinvestments.com/.

Alex Newman

Alex Newman is an award-winning journalist, consultant, educator and CEO of Liberty Sentinel Media. Newman has authored several books, including "The Deep State: Pulling Strings From Behind the Scenes" and has co-authored many others. Newman also writes for The New American Magazine, The Epoch Times, the Law Enforcement Intelligence Brief, Freedom Project Media and many more. Learn more at https://libertysentinel.org/.

Brian Festa

Brian Festa is the co-founder of both We the Patriots USA and the CT Freedom Alliance LLC. We the Patriots USA is an organization of patriots working to protect religious, medical and educational freedom and other inalienable rights. CTA Freedom Alliance is a coalition that aims to educate and engage the public in fighting legislation that erodes personal freedom and liberty. Learn more at https://www.ctfreedomalliance.org/.

Dawn Jolly

Dawn Jolly is the president and co-founder of both We the Patriots USA and the CT Freedom Alliance LLC. We the Patriots USA is an organization of patriots working to protect religious, medical and educational freedom and other inalienable rights. CTA Freedom Alliance is a coalition that aims to educate and engage the public in fighting legislation that erodes personal freedom and liberty. Learn more at https://wethepatriotsusa.org/.